2005 Honda Pilot

  • 2005 Honda Pilot

    Honda Pilot
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    • Code Scan: Engine – Permanent Codes P0700
    • A/T System Malfunction P0325
    • Knock Sensor (1) No Signal Transmission – Permanent Codes P0873
    • 4th Pressure Switch Circuit High The KS code is commanding the MIL at this time. Tested Knock Senor circuit and found open to sensor. Inspect under intake manifold with borescope and found wire chewed off at connector, likely by rodent. Lower intake manifold needs to come off to repair/replace KS harness. Due to labor required, would also replace the sensor itself to prevent having to do the job again down the road should the sensor fail. At this time the 4th gear switch is okay, but would advise to replace at this time due to common failure and restively low cost of replacement.
    • – 3rd brake light bulb out – front brakes 2mm remaining, rotors have hot spots – recommend rotation – recommend wiper blades – recommend headlight restoration
    • KNOCK SENSOR – Remove & Replace – [Includes: R&I Intake Manifold.]
    • PRESSURE SWITCH – Remove & Replace – 4th Clutch Pressure Switch
    • Front brake job, install dealer pads and replace front rotors
    • Change oil and filter. Replace with synthetic oil. Lube chassis, top off all fluid levels, adjust tire pressure.
    • Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee
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