2021 Honda Insight

  • 2021 Honda Insight

    Honda Insight
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    • Code Scan: Only one fault is all systems: Integrated Driver Support System – Permanent Codes P2583-76
    • Temporary Stop Integrated Driver Support System (Misalignment Millimeter Wave Radar) Inspect MWR unit and found to be loose in the mounting. Unit will wobble diagonally due to a failed mount. Unit was likely struck by road debris or object. Left lower pivot mount pushed out of main bracket. Need to remove MWR unit and replace the three pivot mounts, clear faults and recheck system. Alignment may not be affected and system may return to normal function after replacing mounts since the adjustment screws will not be moved. If system resets with no faults repair will be complete. If alignment fault returns will need to have dealer perform ADAS alignment.
    • Replace Millimeter Wave Radar unit mounts and reset system.
    • Perform radar calibration for cruise control.
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